During operation, high-frequency induction heating machines generate a lot of heat. This necessitates installing a cooling system to ensure the machine’s continuous and stable operation. To achieve different cooling effects, it can usually use two cooling methods.

1. Water tank + water pump

This simple water cooling system consists of a 2-5 m³ water tank and a self-priming booster pump. The cooling water in the water tank is pumped into the machine at a certain pressure after the water pump is activated. This can lower the machine’s temperature and provide a cooling effect.

2. Industrial chiller

The industrial chiller realizes cooling by using a compressor. Its refrigeration effect is so good that the machine can work in a stable and safe manner. If you use an induction heating head, it is better to use an industrial chiller to ensure that the water temperature in the copper pipe of the heating head is below 35 °C. It is small in size and is equipped with movable casters, which is very convenient.