Induction forging furnaces can use a number of different cooling methods. Users need to determine the type of cooling system according to the power of the induction heating machine and the situation of the factory.

  • Simple water cooling system.It is the water cooling system with the lowest investment cost and mainly consists of water tank and water pump. The cooling water in the water tank is pumped into the machine to reduce the temperature inside the machine. The high temperature water will flow back to the water tank for recycling.
  • Industrial chiller.Industrial chillers mainly reduce the water temperature through the compressor, thereby reducing the temperature inside the machine. Industrial chillers have higher cooling efficiency and a smaller footprint, but they are more expensive.
  • Cooling tower.Cooling towers can be divided into two categories: open water cooling towers and closed water cooling towers. The open cooling tower is large in volume and low in running cost. The closed cooling tower is smaller in volume, with higher cooling efficiency.