There are three ways of cooling the low-frequency induction heater. Their features listed below can help you choose the right cooling method.

  1. Simple water cooling system. It is composed of a water tank and a water pump. You need to prepare 1-2 water tanks with a volume of 3-5 m3 or above. You will also need a water pump that can meet the water pressure requirements of the machine. When the water cooling system operates, the water temperature at the water outlet of the machine shall be kept below 40 °C.
  2. Closed cooling tower. The closed cooling tower is an internal circulating water cooling system, which includes a water tank, a blower, water-circulating pump and a spray pump. You just need to inject pure water into the cooling tower to make it work. It features a closed system, preventing water evaporation. Since the use of pure water, the limescale is greatly reduced. It is small in size and occupied and suitable for an indoor working environment.
  3. Industrial chiller. The main working part of the industrial chiller is the compressor, which is of a stronger cooling effect and can effectively ensure the 24-hour continuous operation of the machine.