1. Electromagnetic induction heating directly generates heat inside the metal, which is a non-contact heating.
  2. It is more efficient to use induction heating, and its heat loss is 20%-30% lower than traditional heating methods.
  3. Due to higher heating efficiency and low heat loss, it is more energy-saving and less costly than flame heating and resistance heating.
  4. The induction heating equipment does not produce flames when it is working, which is safer.
  5. High control precision. By matching power and frequency, the depth of heating can be controlled.
  6. Ease of automation. Induction heaters can be well integrated in the production line to realize automatic production and improve production efficiency.
  7. Automatic temperature control. With an infrared thermometer, the temperature of the metal surface can be monitored, and the power of the induction heating power supply can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature.