Aluminum induction melting furnace is a large coreless induction furnace, which uses IGBT or SCR power components. It has a very high heating efficiency and is mainly used for melting various metals.

Main components: medium frequency induction heating power supply, capacitor compensator, reducer, induction coil, refractory lining and aluminum shell furnace body.

Working principle: The medium-frequency induction heating power supply generates a medium-frequency magnetic field, which induces eddy currents inside the metal material. The eddy current causes the metal to be heated to achieve the purpose of melting the metal material.

Frequency: 200Hz – 2500Hz.

Application: Aluminum induction melting furnace is mainly suitable for melting various metals, such as iron, steel, copper and aluminum. It is very suitable for large melting plants and foundries, and the maximum melting capacity can reach more than 5T.