Induction brazing copper to brass application

In the FOCO induction heating laboratory, we have completed tests for induction brazing copper pipe to brass fittings.

According to customer requirements, we must induction braze copper tubes to brass components within 20 seconds. After receiving the customer’s test samples, we performed induction brazing tests on the copper pipe and brass fittings samples using a handheld induction brazing machine.

Copper Brazing Machine:
10 kW Handheld Induction Brazing Machine.

The 10 kW portable handheld induction brazing machine uses an intelligent PLC control system. It uses an UHF induction heating power supply and is equipped with a built-in water cooling system. In the induction brazing process, we use a handheld induction brazing system for a more user-friendly brazing process.

Copper to brass brazing process:

  1. Install the copper pipe and brass fittings together.
  2. Put the flux and filler on the copper pipe joint gap position.
  3. The operator holds the FOCO handheld induction brazing machine, aligns the coil with the joint, and begins heating.
  4. After 20 seconds of heating, the copper tube and brass components are joined together, and the induction brazing is completed.


  • Heats quickly and reduces oxidation.
  • Small deformation makes it suitable for precision parts.
  • Heating time can be precisely controlled.
  • Adjustable power to save energy.
  • Repeatable process with simple operation.


Using a 10 kW FOCO handheld induction brazing machine, we successfully brazed a copper pipe to a brass fittings in under 20 seconds. The whole process is swift, and the surface of the brazed copper pipe joint is smooth and less oxidized. Our handheld induction heating systems enable induction brazing of copper to copper, copper to brass, copper to steel, aluminum to aluminum, and more.

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