Brazing of Four Way Reversing Valve with Induction

At the request of a large air conditioner manufacturer, we offer our customers a copper tube induction brazing machine for four-way reversing valves. Customers want to use induction brazing instead of flame brazing for safer and more efficient brazing of four-way reversing valve brazing.

The four-way reversing valve is an important component of the heat pump. It changes the flow direction of the refrigerant by changing the flow pipe of the refrigerant to realize the cooling and heating functions of the air conditioner. In addition, it can also achieve rapid defrosting of heat exchangers by changing the flow of refrigerant.


Induction brazing machine.

For induction brazing applications for four-way directional valves, we offer automated induction brazing machines and portable induction brazing machines. FOCO automated induction brazing machines automate the brazing process with specific robotic arms and fixtures. The heating coils of portable induction brazing machines can access hard-to-reach or space-constrained places.

Brazing process:

Brazing flux is used to fill copper joints in induction brazing. The C-type induction coil closes to the copper tube to start heating. The flux melted within 10 seconds, and the brazing process was completed with a power of 30 kW and a temperature of about 600°C-700 °C. The non-contact induction heating process is fast, safe, and cleaner than flame brazing.

The FOCO 30 kW hand-held induction brazing machine successfully completed induction brazing of a four-way reversing valve within 10 seconds. The brazing process is very fast. The operator’s skill level has minimal effect on the brazing quality after the copper tube is secured with the clamps. Induction brazing guarantees repeatable processes and consistent results.

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