Automatic induction brazing circular saw blade tips application

A small saw blade factory needs to use induction heating for brazing the tips of circular saw blades. To improve efficiency and reduce the quality problems caused by manual operation, the customer wanted to use a fully automatic induction brazing system. According to customer requirements, our experienced induction heating engineers have designed fully automatic induction brazing equipment for customers to realize automatic feeding and automatic brazing process. It can induction braze a saw blade tip in 3-5 seconds, which is extremely fast.


Fully automatic induction brazing machine

The brazing system comprises a UHF induction heating power supply, feeding robot, heating component (induction coil), and water-cooling system. It does not require manual operation, and the entire process is entirely automated by equipment. The part’s positioning can be precisely controlled by the fixation of the robot hand, the fixed gripper, and the heating assembly. Thus, the consistency of the heating area and heating time of each saw tooth tip can be ensured. While improving efficiency, it also improves the quality of brazing.


  • Repeatable process.
  • Consistent results.
  • Precise control of the heating area.
  • Fast heating cycle.
  • Reduce oxidation and clean.


The custom automatic induction brazing machine designed by FOCO INDUCTION can complete the induction brazing of a circular saw blade tip in 3-5 seconds. The entire process is fully automated and requires no manual operation. Induction brazing is highly controllable and is suitable for brazing metallic materials. Whether you are brazing two pieces of similar metals or dissimilar metals in large batches, an automated induction brazing system can be used to improve consistency. Most importantly, it can maximize production efficiency and bring higher production benefits to enterprises and factories.

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