Brazing of Side Milling Cutters with Induction Heatintg

A small factory needs induction brazing side milling cutters. The customer’s goal is to complete the brazing process in 20 seconds. Since high production speeds are not required, we offer our customers high-frequency induction brazing machines. It has the best economic cost-effectiveness.

15kW High-Frequency Induction Heating Machine.

High-frequency induction heating machines are equipped with fixed induction coils. The induction coil is designed according to the heated workpiece’s shape. For easy access to the workpiece, we use a U-shaped coil in this heating process. Appropriately designed coils are beneficial to improve production efficiency and help to ensure the heating effect.

Brazing process:

  1. Install the side milling cutters on the fixture and adjust the distance between it and the coil.
  2. Apply flux and filler to the location to be brazed.
  3. Start heating and complete brazing after 20 seconds.


  • The operation is simple and does not require skilled professional workers.
  • The induction brazing process is very fast and productive.
  • With fixtures and stationary induction coil, the operator’s skill has little effect on the quality of the braze.
  • Repeatable processes and consistent results.


FOCO 15 kW high-frequency induction heating machine successfully completed induction brazing of side milling cutter in 20 seconds. High-frequency induction heating power supplies are commonly used for brazing various smaller metal and alloy parts. For brazing of side milling cutters, alloy saw blades, hardware tools, alloy drills, etc., we can provide a complete induction brazing system.

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Video of Induction Brazing