Induction Heating Steel Applications

Rapid heating of steel rods with a diameter of 40 mm. A steel rod with a length of 85 mm was rapidly heated to 1,050 °C in 6 seconds. Steel rod heating tests were carried out at the FOCO plant.

Heating equipment:

We used a 160 kW induction heater for our heating tests. The induction coil is protected by a high-temperature-resistant silicon carbide tube between the induction coil and the steel rod.

Heating process:

  1. Place the silicon carbide tube inside the induction coil.
  2. Insert the steel rod into the silicon carbide tube.
  3. Commence induction heating for six seconds.
  4. Remove the steel rod.

Test results:
A 160 kW induction heating machine successfully heated the steel rod with a diameter of 40 mm to 1,050 °C in 6 seconds. Induction heating acts directly on the steel rod, which heats up rapidly. Compared to traditional furnaces, induction heating systems are faster and more efficient. Combined with industrial automation equipment, we can automate various heating processes, including billet heating, steel bar end heating, and copper bar heating.

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Videos of Induction Heating Steel