Induction preheating applications

An iron bar forging plant required induction preheating of iron bar ends for hot forming. An iron rod end with a diameter of 30mm and a length of 50mm will be heated to 850°C in 10 seconds. According to the production speed required by the subsequent forging process, we use the manual feeding method in the induction heating process.

The main parameters:

  • Heating temperature: 850℃
  • Preheating workpiece: iron rod end
  • Heating time: 7 seconds
  • Power: 45kW

Heating equipment:

Iron rod end induction heating process

  1. Insert the ends of the iron rods into the holes of the induction coil in sequence.
  2. The first iron rod was heated to 850°C in 7 seconds.
  3. Take out the first iron rod and insert a new iron rod.


The 45kW medium frequency induction heating machine can heat the end of an iron rod with a diameter of 30mm and a length of 50mm to 850°C within 7 seconds. Induction preheated iron rod ends are very efficient for hot forming, with short heating times and less oxidative decarburization.

FOCO induction heating systems are suitable for preheat forming of steel, iron, copper and aluminum rods. We can provide complete solutions for heat forging projects.

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Videos of Induction Preheating Iron Bar Ends