FOCO gear induction hardening machines are capable of rapid heating and rapid cooling of gears in seconds. After induction hardening, the hardness of the gear increases and the fatigue resistance increases. The surface is also not easily oxidized or decarburized, and the deformation of the gear is minor.

Our technical team adjusts the power and frequency of the machine according to the depth, hardness, and time requirements of the gear hardening process and designs reasonable induction coils according to the diameter and thickness of the gears.

The induction hardening process is widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry. Our gear induction hardening machines can be used for hardening straight, helical, herringbone, bevel, disc gears, shafts, rack gears, etc.

Gallery of Induction Hardening Gears

induction hardening of mechanical gears

Induction Hardening Gear Teeth

induction hardening of gear with vertical induction hardening machine

Hardening of Gear with Vertical Induction Hardening Machine

automatic induction hardening of gears

Automatic Induction Hardening of Gear

induction hardening of carbon steel gears

Induction Hardening of Carbon Steel Gear

induction hardening of agricultural machinery gears

Hardening of Gear with Induction Heating

hardening of gears with automatic induction hardening machine

Hardening of Gears with Automatic Induction Hardening Machine

single tooth scanning induction hardening for large marine gears

Single Tooth Tip Scanning Hardening for Large Marine Gear