Induction heating has become the most common method for quenching various shafts. Induction heating is used to rapidly heat the steel shaft to 800-1,000 °C in mere seconds, followed by immediate cooling to harden the surface of the shaft, increasing hardness and wear resistance.


Vertical induction hardening machine

According to the depth requirements of the hardened layer, we will use a high frequency induction heating power supply, a medium frequency induction heating power supply or an ultra-high frequency induction heating power supply.

Also, we can equip it with a built-in water cooling system.


  • Compared to conventional furnaces, induction hardening is faster, on average, with only a few seconds or minutes per shaft.
  • Induction hardening systems can be integrated into the production line to automate the entire production process.
  • Guaranteed repeatability and consistency of results.
  • The entire heating process is controllable.

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Gallery of Induction Hardening Shaft

hardening of large steel shaft

Hardening of Large Steel Shaft

hardening of shaft with induction heating

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hardening of steel shaft

Hardening of Steel Shaft

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shaft hardening with horizontal induction hardening machine

Shaft Hardening with Horizontal Induction Hardening Machine