A large auto parts manufacturer wanted to induction harden the inner wall of steel bushings. Our engineers design semi-automatic induction hardening machines for customers, which are equipped with four workpiece positions and can complete the hardening of a bush in 20 seconds.

Steel bushings are an important part of most mechanical equipment. They need to have high hardness, fatigue strength, and wear resistance. Induction hardening can greatly increase the hardness and wear resistance of the bushing and prolong its service life.

Steel bushing hardening technical indicators:

  • Bushing material: mild steel
  • Hardening depth: 1-3mm
  • Hardness: 50HRC-55HRC
  • Production speed: 180 pieces per hour


Custom Induction Hardening Machine

FOCO custom induction hardening machines are specially designed for our customers’ unique workpieces. They are equipped with a high-frequency induction heating power supply, a rotating 4-station turntable, and an independent water cooling system.

We have reserved a robot installation interface for this induction hardening equipment, which can use a robot arm to realize automatic feeding.


  • Induction hardening has a short heating time and less oxidation and decarburization of the workpiece surface.
  • Induction hardening can harden the surface of the bushing and precisely control the depth of the hardened layer.
  • The induction hardening system adopts programmable PLC control, which is easy to realize automation.
  • Repeatable and consistent heating results ensure bush hardening quality.

Induction heating is a fast, controlled method of hardening metal surfaces. FOCO can provide customized induction hardening equipment for your shaft sleeves, gears, long shafts, and other mechanical equipment workpieces.

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Videos of Induction Hardening Bushing