The customer wants to melt 1kg of copper in 10 minutes. There are many advantages to melting copper using induction heating. Induction melting has the characteristics of fast melting, energy saving, no smoke and safety. The mini induction melting furnace can be equipped with an infrared thermometer to precisely control the temperature of the copper to prevent the copper metal from being burned due to excessive temperature.

Copper is a purple-red luster metal, tough, wear-resistant, has good ductility, good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in electrical, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, transportation and other fields.
Melting point: 1083℃
Density 8.92g/cm

The process of induction melting 1kg copper

  • Melting equipment: mini induction melting furnace
  • Power: 15KW
  • Crucible: pure graphite crucible
  • Melting time: 5 minutes

We used 15KW high frequency mini induction melting furnace, pure graphite crucible and factory water cooling system. It takes 5 minutes for 1kg of copper to melt completely.

Water cooling system

The induction melting process of 1KG copper was carried out at FOCO’s induction equipment factory. We used the factory water cooling system. When customers use mini induction melting furnaces, they can use industrial chillers or simple water cooling systems.

Video of Melting 1kg Copper