Alluvial Placer Gold Melting and Refining with Induction Heating

The client wants to melt 50 kg of alluvial placer gold in 30 minutes and perform preliminary purification. Alluvial gold is a kind of gold ore. It comes from alluvial ore. It is the gold formed by separating gold and quartz veins from the rock gold in the mountain body washed by river water.

Gold is a solid at room temperature, with high density, softness, brightness, and corrosion resistance. It is the metal with the best ductility, second only to platinum, and is one of the most ductile metals.

  • Melting point of gold: 1064 ℃.
  • Density of gold: 19.32 g/ cm³ (20 ℃).

Induction Heating Equipment for Melting and Refining 50 kg Gold Placer:

Placer Gold Melting and Refining:

1. Heating and Melting of Placer Gold
Use a 110 kW induction melting furnace to melt 50 kg alluvial gold and pour it into molds to form gold ingots.

  • Use crucible: clay graphite crucible.
  • Melting time: 25 minutes.

2. Gold Ingot Purification
Use a 45 kW induction melting furnace to melt the 20 kg gold ingot again and remove impurities.

  • Use crucible: pure graphite crucible.
  • Melting time: 20 minutes.

Water Cooling System

During the test, we used a simple water cooling system consisting of a water pump, pipes, and a water tank. The water pump pumps the low temperature of the water tank into the inside of the machine to remove the heat generated by the operation of the machine.

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