Induction Melting Applications

FOCO 160 kW Tilt-type Induction Melting Furnace for melting 300 kg of silver. 300 kg of silver was melted into liquid in 50 minutes. The entire melting process is fast and safe. The melting furnace is equipped with dust removal equipment to ensure the environmental protection of the working environment.


The tilt-type induction melting furnace can melt 10 kg into 300 kg of silver. The maximum power can reach 160 kW. It can be equipped with an infrared thermometer to precisely control the melting temperature. It can also be fitted with a remote control system to control the 90-degree tilting of the furnace body, making the operation safer.

Melting process:

  1. Put 300 kg of silver into the crucible.
  2. Under the action of induction heating, the silver melts within 50 minutes.
  3. Due to the electromagnetic stirring effect of induction heating, the silver is heated evenly, and the heating speed is fast.

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Videos of Induction Melting Silver