Induction Melting Steel Application

A small steel foundry needs to induction melt 600 kg of steel in 50 minutes and is required to reduce output to 300 kg per hour during the off-season. We provided customers with two 250 kW induction heating power supplies, equipped with three 300 kg furnace bodies, one of which is a spare furnace body.

Properties of Steel:

  • Density of steel: 7.85 g/cm³.
  • Melting point of steel: 1,500 ℃
  • Steel is a general term for iron-carbon alloys with a carbon content between 0.02% and 2.11% by mass. Steel is widely used in construction, manufacturing, and other industrial fields.


Two induction melting furnaces can work simultaneously, with a maximum total capacity of 600 kg iron per hour. In the off-season of production, an induction heating power supply can be turned off to ensure a minimum production capacity of 300 kg per hour. During the maintenance and repair of the furnace body, the spare furnace body can be used to ensure the continuity of production.

Dust removal equipment can effectively remove smoke particles generated in the melting process, protect the environment and reduce pollution.

Melting Process:

  1. The steel block is placed in the induction melting furnace.
  2. The steel block is successfully melted within 50 minutes.
  3. Control the furnace body to pour out the molten steel.

Induction melting steel is a fast and safe process. FOCO induction melting furnaces can melt 5 kg to 5,000 kg of steel. We provide complete solutions, including induction heating power supply, furnace body, dust removal equipment, and water cooling system.

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