Induction Melting Furnace for Melting 300 kg of Silver

A small foundry needs to use induction heating to melt 300 kg of silver and then cast silver ingots. Since silver is a precious metal, FOCO provides customers with an induction gold melting furnace that uses a fixed furnace to reduce the loss caused by liquid splashing during pouring. The operator needs to use the crucible clamp to remove the crucible and pour the molten silver into the mold.


This is an induction melting furnace designed by FOCO and is specially used to melt precious metals such as gold and silver. It is equipped with a silicon carbide crucible, which has a fast heating rate and a long service life. Its furnace body part (the crucible) is installed directly on the ground, not on a shelf that can be turned over.

induction melting furnace for gold and silver

Melting process:

  1. Place the silver nugget into the crucible.
  2. The silver nugget will melt within 50 minutes.
  3. Use the crucible holder to remove the crucible.
  4. Pour molten silver into molds to cast silver ingots.

Induction melting is commonly used in the jewelry industry, such as gold and silver. Melting silver and gold with induction heating is fast, safe, and clean.

We have professional induction melting furnaces for melting gold and silver. Our products include small portable melting furnaces from 1 kg to 3 kg and medium frequency induction melting furnaces with capacities from 5 kg to 300 kg. Whether it’s a small jewelry store or a large precious metals company, FOCO can provide a complete induction furnace solution for your melting needs.

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