In modern society, oil is the world’s most traded commodity. In addition, the increasing demand for natural gas to power homes and automobiles has made it another valuable resource. Worldwide, oil and gas, and its derivates in gases or liquids, contribute to 60% of the energy used for transportation, industrial, and commercial needs. In the oil and gas industry, induction heating machines have been serving various pipework, liquid heating and heating processes of various components. In addition, these solutions contribute to more accurate pipes with better diameter and pipe wall thickness control. As a result, smaller diameters can be achieved while maintaining material integrity.

Induction Heating in Drilling

An induction heating system is composed of an induction power supply to convert electrical power on a wire into alternating current and supply that power to a working head and an operational coil to produce a magnetic field inside the coil.

Precisely designed induction coils, combined with robust, flexible induction power supplies, yield reproducible heating results tailored to desired applications. Varying the current, voltage, and frequency across an induction coil results in precisely tuned heating, ideal for precision applications such as case hardening and annealing.

The frequency of electric current used in induction heating depends on an object’s size, material type, the coupling (between the working coil and the object being heated), and the penetration depth. The frequency of a radio frequency current defines the depth to which an electric induction current penetrates for heating. The depth at which the heat is generated directly using the induced current depends on an electric benchmark depth.

Induction handles various critical tasks through custom-built heating systems for multiple applications in the oil and gas industries. Over recent years we have supplied a wide range of high-quality induction systems for global oil and gas producers. Our vast knowledge and experience in induction heating allow us to provide an effective solution tailored specifically to this industry.

Oil and Gas Industry Induction Heating Applications

Induction Brazing: Carbide Inserts

Induction Hardening: Hardening of drill bits and various tools

Induction Tempering: Shafts and Pipe Ends, Spray Coatings

Induction Soldering: Steel Pipes on Rigs and Pipelines

Shrink Fitting: Bolts and Nuts, Steam Valves, Bearings, Hubs, Gears, Sprockets, Impellers, Compressors, Retaining Rings

Induction Heating: Oil Tanks and Rig Structures, Shrink-Fitting, Coating, Glue Removal, Adhesive Curing of Steel Pipes