Induction heating machine frequency difference

Induction heating machine frequency is not constant. Induction heating machines achieve various heating processes through a combination of frequency and power. The frequencies of induction heating machines include high frequency, medium frequency, ultra-high frequency and ultra-audio frequency. Different frequencies have different heating effects.

Different  induction heating frequency ranges

  • High frequency: 30 kHz-100 kHz.
  • Medium frequency: 1 kHz-10 kHz.
  • Ultra high frequency: 200 kHz-800 kHz.
  • Super audio frequency: 20 kHz-50 kHz.

Different heating depths and uses with different frequencies

  • High frequency: the heating depth range is 0.5-3mm, and it is widely used in induction hardening, surface hardening of workpieces, induction brazing of copper pipes and other processes.
  • Medium frequency: the heating depth range can reach more than 10mm. Its applications include induction melting, induction heating and forging of billets, bars and bars, induction hardening of large automotive and marine workpieces.
  • Ultra high frequency: the heating depth range is relatively shallow, 0.3-1mm. It is very suitable for heating ultra-thin and ultra-small workpieces, such as induction hardening of small shafts and gears, induction brazing of copper tubes, annealing and tempering of steel strips, etc.
  • Super audio frequency: the heating depth range is between 3mm-10mm. Key applications include: induction heating and forging of iron rods, induction hardening of large workpieces.

Depending on the power of the machine, the heating depth and heating speed of the induction heating machine will be different. Please consult our professional engineers, and we will recommend a suitable machine for you according to your workpiece material, heating time and heating depth requirements.