Induction hardening of rails is a heat treatment process that increases the hardness and wear resistance of rails. The repeatability and controllability of induction hardening makes the heat treatment process of the entire rail more automated. We generally heat and cool the rails with a dedicated rail induction hardening machine.

The guide rail is an important part of the machine tool, and it needs to have high hardness and wear resistance. The service life and wear resistance of the guide rail after hardening will be greatly improved. Generally, induction hardening of guide rails is followed by induction tempering process, which can greatly improve the hardness of steel guide rails, reduce brittleness, and improve its toughness.

Technical indicators of guide rail hardening

  • Quenching depth: 1.5-3mm
  • Hardness: 45HRC-52HRC
  • Guide rail quenching deformation: <0.06mm

Gallery of Induction Hardening Rails

Video of Hardeing Guide Rail