Induction Brazing Diverter Valve Applications

Braze the copper tube to the diverter valve with induction heating. Induction brazing copper tube assemblies can effectively improve production efficiency. Induction brazing is an efficient, clean, environmentally friendly, and safe brazing method. Induction brazing of the copper tube of the diverter valve allows for more consistent results.


10 kW Portable Induction Brazing Machine

The mobile portable induction brazing machine is ideal for brazing copper tubes and components. Induction brazing equipment is equipped with a hand-held induction heating head and can be fitted with a water cooling system, making it ideal for brazing work in space-constrained and hard-to-reach areas.

Brazing Process:

Place the part of the diverter valve copper tube that needs to be brazed in the induction coil. Use flux for copper joints while heating. Within seconds, the copper tube is heated to approximately 800 °C, the flux melts, and the copper tube is brazed to the copper assembly diverter valve. The induction brazing process of copper tubes is completed in just 20 seconds. For copper tube brazing, FOCO induction heating equipment can be automated and guarantee consistent and repeatable brazing results.

Benefits of Induction Brazing

Compared to traditional flame brazing, induction brazing has many benefits. Using induction heating equipment makes it easier to automate the entire brazing process, increasing your productivity. Moreover, induction brazing is a clean, safe and efficient method. It can realize the local temperature heating process, precisely control the heating part, and reduce energy loss, making it an energy-saving brazing method.

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Videos of Induction Brazing