Induction heating is used in the pharmaceutical industry for its clean and non-contact process, which is often performed under vacuum or in an inert atmosphere. It has several applications in the pharmaceutical and durable medical equipment industries.

Induction Heating for Medical Manufacturing

In the pharmaceutical industry, induction heating prepares graphite resistors for X-ray tubes and steel shafts for shaping into medical instruments. In addition, induction heating increases processing quality by providing uniform heating.

Induction heating offers several advantages over traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, such as shorter, more efficient times for final products, environmental benefits through the elimination of solvents, and increased safety in medication delivery to patients.

Brazing for Pharmaceutical Industry

Brazing hardens steel forms shaped into various kinds of durable medical equipment by induction heating. Walkers, hand grips, shower bars, and many other tools that help older people maintain their daily routines are all shaped and strengthened by induction heating processes.

Hot Metal Extrusion

Hot Metal Extrusion (HME) covers solid dispersion, microencapsulation, flavor masking, targeted drug delivery, continuous-release medications, nanotechnology, floating drug delivery systems, and implants. One of its most popular medical uses is in pharmaceutical packaging, including providing safe sealing of pill bottles.

Induction Sealing

Pharmaceutical companies use Induction Sealing to avoid lining film/foil residue, which can contaminate the product when dispensing. As a container passes underneath an induction coil (the sealing head), the aluminum foil layer begins to heat up from eddy currents.

Pharma Industry Induction Heating Applications

Induction Heating: Manufacturing Medical Instruments, Cap Sealing, Sterilizing in Manufacturing, Catheter Tipping, Treating and Staking of Surgical Instruments, Injection Molding, Melting Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal, Bearings Heating, Nanoparticle and Hyperthermia Treatment Research and Testing, Medication Heating

Induction Hardening: Surgical Blades, Catheter Tipping

Induction Brazing: Bonding Metal Components, Plastic to Metal Bonding, Binding Metal Housings to Plastic Holders, Dental Prophylaxis

Induction Annealing: Selective Metal Softening, Steel Tubes

Induction Welding: Tube Seam Sealing