The reason why the demand of portable induction brazing machines is increasing is that it provides fast and high quality brazing results for copper pipe joints. The copper tube brazing process has changed since induction heating replaced traditional flame heating. Induction brazing for flexibility, consistency of results and safety is gaining popularity in factories.

What are the features of the portable induction brazing machine?

The portability of the induction brazing machine increases its utilization by making it easy and flexible. It is easy to install and operate. It is highly efficient because of the low consumption of electricity. Water pipelines are installed in the machine for cooling purposes, resulting in better heat dissipation. Portable induction brazing machine can braze complex shapes and geometries. Moreover, a controlled environment can also be provided as per the application. It is environmentally friendly as no flame, no toxic emission, and no gas is generated during processing.

What parameters must be considered when making a joint with a portable induction brazing machine?

The correct gap between the base metals is considered an important parameter when joining by a portable induction brazing machine, as tensile strength and shear strength are highly affected by this particular parameter. Thermal expansion of the base materials is also considered at brazing temperature to achieve optimum joint strength. If the gap between the base materials is very small, filler material will not accurately fill the gap and result in a weak joint. In case of a large gap, the joint’s strength will be highly concentrated on the bridge between the two base materials and increase the susceptibility of the joint to failure. An appropriate gap needs to be calculated before brazing, as the gap should be sufficient enough to allow the filler to flow into the gap through capillary action. Materials with high silver content should typically have an optimum gap of 0.05-0.1mm.

Filler metal should have a lower melting point than one of the base metal parts, and molten liquid should have appropriate fluidity to allow the molten metal to flow into the gap through capillary action to make a mechanically strong and stable joint without any porosity or defect.

How is a portable induction brazing machine better than a conventional brazing machine?

A few advantages which can make portable induction brazing machines superior to conventional brazing machines are enlisted below:

  • Portable induction brazing machines give a speedy solution for joint creation compared to flame brazing machines by generating more heat per square meter of the base material. It produces heat within the material, whereas heat is generated on the surface in conventional flame brazing.
  • In induction brazing, heat input is under control, providing consistency of joint quality, which is not possible with flame or furnace brazing machines.
  • No contact is required between the conductor and the sample for the induction brazing machine, resulting in less/no wear or tear during brazing. The replacement frequency of induction brazed components is low compared to flame or furnace brazed.
  • Low energy loss is associated with induction brazing than flame/furnace brazing and is considered a high-energy efficient brazing technique.
  • The portable induction brazing machine is safer than conventional ones as it doesn’t involve any fuel gases or open flames. Also, a conventional portable induction brazing machine is unsuitable for high-duty work as it doesn’t have sufficient power.
  • In comparison, high repeatability of the joint with precision is achieved by induction brazing.

Learn the reasons for choosing induction brazing.

Portable induction brazing

Application of portable induction brazing machines

Portable induction brazing machine is crossing barriers to facilitate the following industries:

  • Toolmaking industries use this machine extensively to manufacture mining, cutting, and drilling tools. It is also used in the manufacturing of riveting bits, column bits, shanks, reamer, milling cutters, dovetail bits, carbide turning tools, tungsten steel tools, diamond tools, shearer cutting teeth, and all types of road header cutting teeth.
  • Medical and dental industries also use portable induction brazing machines, which have no open flame or emission and produce concise, clean, and repeatable joints. It is used in small medical laboratories and large production facilities. Induction-brazed needles, scalpels, and detectors are included, among other medical applications.
  • It has provided an easy and effective solution to the refrigeration industry by brazing heating elements, compressor parts, heat distributors, air conditioning shunts, copper, air conditioning pipes, mirrors, and condensers.
  • In the plumbing industry, it brazes water pipe joints, faucets, tubes, pipes, couplings, adapters, and nipples.
  • Aluminum sheets, stainless steel flat bottoms, composite pot bottoms, and electric heat pipelines from the home appliance industry are induction brazed using a portable machine.
  • Aluminum alloy and aluminum components of various geometry used in automotive heat exchangers are also induction brazed.
  • The hardware industry, including precision mold, alloy steel, steel brazing, lighting accessories, hardware handle, and egg beaters, utilize portable induction brazing machine.

A portable induction brazing machine can braze all conductive materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and titanium. It is mobile, light, efficient, and quickly taken to the site to repair or create new joints. It is not just providing the remedy for joining but also saving time. FOCO is even making the solution easier than ever by providing consultation and customized portable induction brazing machines as per requirement by the clients.